Thursday, 21 August 2008

horse and riding

On wednesday I took on horseriding again for the first time after 20 years! it was so awesome that I do not want to sop anymore:D It is just the greatest feeling to be with a horse and to move with it and have some fun:)) We have gorgeous landscapes here to ride through and the people I have met are awesome too! Great teachers and I need alot of practise before I am really confident again. I can only recommend it and it is even fun in sl hehe!Check out the sl riding club! I think theyve got the biggest trail ever!It includes several sims!!Very niceley decorated and easy to rideMy bf took me to a saddlery today to buy boots , breeches and a helmet:)) Was very exited too about that as well lol!


Mocksoup said...

yay! :) :)

I bet the stable boarding fees are much cheaper in SL :) :)

Apryll Miles said...

lol yep! thats a fact :DD

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